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It's all you need to start an easy-to-teach
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EduBase ARM Trainer
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Low cost ARM Trainer
For the Tiva & MSP432 Launchpads
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Dragon12-Plus2TM, our Freescale HCS12 / 9S12 microcontroller trainer, an All-In-One EVB, EVBU and project development board can not only to be used as a general trainer for freshman and sophomore students, but also as a powerful platform for senior projects as well.  The new features of the DRAGON12-Plus2 board create a new potential for students at every level. 

When a board can be used in several courses it will reduce the real cost per course.  Some universities are just doing that and it saves money for students.

One of the most popular HCS12, 9S12 and MC9S12 trainers / project development boards in universities around the world now offers more features at a great price for Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering students and schools.  

Dr. Richard Haskell and Dr. Darrin Hann have written a new textbook "Learning by example using C - Programming the Dragon12-Plus-USB using Code Warrior" for their new ME course at Oakland University.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Mazid, has been teaching microcontroller courses and using our Dragon12 board in his class since 2007. His web site offers many sample programs and provides the full support for the Dragon12 Plus.

The self balancing scooter, a great mechatronic design application of MATLAB using HCS12 hardware, such as the MiniDragon+, is created by Dr. Cazzolato's students. See the details and more pictures and movies of this Adelaide University's project.

There are some very impressive MALAB/Simulink Robotic Projects using HCS12 hardware with CodeWarrior from Dr. Wornle's students. 

Need to use the Code Warrior IDE with a free C source level debugger for your DRAGON12 board or MiniDRAGON+ board?  See Dr. Frank Wornle's web site at: 


Please read his HCS12serialmonitor.pdf  for the step-by-step setup instructions and 5 lab handouts contain valuable information on HCS12's A/D converter, ECT system, I2C based D/A converter and FIR implementation.

Dr. Frank Wornle of the University of Adelaide in Australia has uploaded another great project which may be of interest to the DRAGON12 community (particularly in universities). It's the port of a MATLAB toolbox previously written for Infineon C167 microcontrollers. The toolbox allows Simulink block diagrams to be compiled and downloaded to the Flash memory of the DRAGON12. Once running, all signals can be monitored 'life' in the Simulink scope blocks. Block diagram parameters can also be modified and are downloaded to the target whenever required (on-the-fly parameter tuning). They use this toolbox in mechatronics /robotics projects to drive servo-motors, stepper motors, read sensors, etc., and it will make your life a lot easier.

The project is called 'rtmc9S12-Target' and can be found at:
A short manual has also been included.
It now works with Code Warrior SE 5.1 and can be downloaded from the above link.

HANtune, a Java based program developed by HAN university of The Netherlands runs on a Windows PC and communicates with the HCS12 microcontroller through a CAN bus, based on the automotive standard XCP protocol. HANtune currently supports the PCAN-USB interface from Peak System (www.peak-system.com). HANtune works with real-time code that is generated from MATLAB/Simulink by the ErtHA blockset of Feaser (http://www.feaser.com/en/ertha.php) or other Simulink embedded targets from HAN Automotive.


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