New All-In-One ARM BaseBoard for the Freedom Module

With Freescale's FRDM module, it's a complete ARM trainer with a solderless breadboard

The FRDM board is for illustration purpose only.
 It's not included in the basic price


EduBase ARM Trainer
 A FRDM base board for academia



The FRDM-KL25Z module can be mounted directly on the trainer, you can connect signals from FRDM's female headers to the trainer I/O bus in anyway you like to make your experience. 

We provides a bridge board to connect all signals for you.  Without it you can use jumpers to connect signals


The top view of the Bridge Board



The bottom view



With the bridge board installed

With jumper wires,
you can do the same


Arduino signal MKL20Z128 signal FRDM header pin numbers EduBase's I/O bus signals and pin numbers
D0 PTA1 J1-2 RX/HB-IN1/LED0, J29-21
D1 PTA2 J1-4 TX/HB-IN1/LED1, J29-19
D2 PTD4 J1-6 /DAC,      J29-26
D3 PTA12 J1-8 PWM1,   J29-7
D4 PTA4 J1-10 /SD,        J29-9
D5 PTA5 J1-12 PWM2,   J29-12
D6 PTC8 J1-14 SPK,       J29-8
D7 PTC9 J1-16 /7SEG,   J29-12
D8 PTA13 J3-2 /LCD,      J29-10
D9 PTD5 J3-4 GPIO,      J29-11,   can be used for LCD back light
D10 PTD0 J3-6 LCD-RS, J29-13,  can be used for LCD parallel interface
D11 PTD2 J3-8 MOSI,     J29-2
D12 PTD3 J3-10 MISO,     J29-1
D13 PTD1 J3-12 SCK,      J29-3
SDA0 PTE0 J3-16 SDA,      J29-16 *
SCL0 PTE1 J3-18 SCL,      J29-18 *
A0 PTB0 J10-2 A0,         J29-20
A1 PTB1 J10-4 A1,         J29-22
A2 PTB2 J10-6 A2,         J29-24
A3 PTB3 J10-8  
A4(SDA1) PTC2 J10-10 SDA,      J29-16 *
A5(SCL1) PTC1 J10-12 SCL,      J29-18 *
  PTC3 J1-5 LED0,    J29-21
  PTC4 J1-7 LED1,    J29-19
  PTC5 J1-9 LED2,    J29-17
  PTC6 J1-11 LED3,    J29-15
  PTC10 J1-13 ROW0,   J30-1
  PTC11 J1-15 ROW1,   J30-2
  PTC12 J2-1 ROW2,   J30-3
  PTC13 J2-3 ROW3,   J30-4
  PTE20 J10-1 COL0,    J30-5
  PTE21 J10-3 COL1,    J30-6
  PTE22 J10-5 COL2,    J30-7
  PTE23 J10-7 COL3,    J30-8

* SDA and SCL are selectable  for I2C0 or I2C1, default to the I2C0.


The FRDM does not come with female headers.  You need to solder them by yourself. 
It also does not come with a USB cable. You need to buy a USB mini B cable if you don't have one.

The textbook for the FRDM EduBase

The sample code