New All-In-One ARM BaseBoard for Tiva and MSP432 Lanchpads

With TI's launchpad, it's a complete ARM trainer with a solderless breadboard

The Tiva Launchpad is for illustration purpose only.
 It's not included in the price


EduBase ARM Trainer
 A Tiva launchpad base board for academia


The Tiva Launchpad can be mounted directly on the trainer.

All signals needed from Tiva's headers to the trainer I/O female headers are connected. 

Below are the connections:

Arduino signals Tiva signals Tiva header pin numbers EduBase's I/O bus signals and pin numbers
D0 PB0 J14-5 RX/HB-IN1/LED0, J29-21
D1 PB1 J14-7 TX/HB-IN1/LED1, J29-19
D2 PD6 J19-15 /DAC,      J29-26
D3 PF2 J19-1,   Blue LED PWM1,   J29-7       PWM1 IS PF2,  NOT PF1
D4 PC5 J19-9 /SD,        J29-14
D5 PF3 J19-3 PWM2,   J29-9       PWM2 IS PF3,  NOT PF2
D6 PC4 J19-7 SPK,       J29-8
D7 PC7 J19-13 /7SEG,   J29-12
D8 PC6 J19-11 /LCD,      J29-10
D9 PF1 J14-20,  Red LED GPIO,      J29-11,  can be used for LCD back light
D10 PE0 J19-6 LCD-RS, J29-13  can be used for LCD parallel interface
D11 PB7 J19-12 MOSI,     J29-2
D12 PB6 J19-14 MISO,     J29-1
D13 PB4 J14-13 SCLK,      J29-3
SDA PA7 J14-19 SDA,      J29-16
SCL PA6 J14-17 SCL,      J29-18
A0 PE1 J14-14 AN0,         J29-20
A1 PE2 J14-16 AN1,         J29-22
A2 PE5 J14-11 AN2,         J29-24
  PB5 J14-3 CANTX,   J29,25,    via CAN select J27
  PE4 J14-9 CANRX,   J29,23     via CAN select J27
  PF3 J19-3,   Green LED CANTX2,   J29,25   via CAN select J27
  PF0 J19-8 CANR2X,   J29,23   via CAN select J27
  PB0 J14-5 LED0,    J29-21
  PB1 J14-7 LED1,    J29-19
  PB2 J19-4 LED2,    J29-17
  PB3 J19-5 LED3,    J29-15
  PD0 J14-6 ROW0,   J30-1
  PD1 J14-8 ROW1,   J30-2
  PD2 J14-10 ROW2,   J30-3
  PD3 J14-12 ROW3,   J30-4
  PA2 J19-20 COL0,    J30-5
  PA3 J19-18 COL1,    J30-6
  PA4 J19-16 COL2,    J30-7
  PA5 J14-15 COL3,    J30-8

The textbook for the EduBase

The sample code

Energia:  http://energia.nu/

Alice EduPad

A low cost, high performance trainer
for the Tiva and
MSP432 Launchpads