USBDM-SWD, designed by PGO

An open source BDM with SWD cable
Freescale Kinetis ARM controllers.

Provides 3.3V to a target board

  USBDM-SWD features:
  • A single BDM for programming and debugging ARM controllers
  • Includes a 3.3V (500mA) regulator.
    This is useful when debugging or programming a target board without power supply.

  • Includes a resettable fuse to protect the USB port of your PC.
  • Compact size, 0.7" x 1.7"

Win 8.1 Installation instructions:  ( For reference only, software version may be upgraded by the author from time to time)

PGO has provided complete documentation on each of his USBDMs. http://usbdm.sourceforge.net/

Our USBDM-SWD is pre-programmed with PGO's latest firmware version 4.12 for ARM controllers.

The installation is done total automatically. You don't even have to connect the USBDM.

The installation steps are as follows ( Do not plug in the USBDM-1 until the step 3 ):

1.  Click http://sourceforge.net/projects/usbdm/, then click the Download
The size of the file is very large. It will take a few hours to download, so you should first save it on your hard drive in case you need to install it in another PC in the future.

2.  After download, click the installer, USBDM_4_12_1_80_Win_A.msi, in the folder named Downloads, the installation will be done automatically.

3.  In the Device Manager, check the Universal Serial Bus devices, it should show WinUsb Device. It won't be shown as a virtual com port because it's not a USB to RS232 adapter.  See the picture below:


Operating instructions:

  • Connect your USBDM-SWD to a PC USB port. After one second, the green LED on the BDM should come on and stay on. It indicates that the BDM firmware is installed in the MC9S08JS16.
  • Set the target voltage selecting shunt plug on J2 for the correct target voltage for 3.3V. Be careful not to set at 5V for a 3.3V target board.  Our USBDM-SWD includes a voltage monitoring circuit. If the target voltage is 5V, a red LED will be on, if the target voltage is 3.3V, a yellow LED will be on. If the target voltage is 4V both LEDs will be on.
  • Connect the 2x5 0.05" pitch BDM cable from the BDM OUT to your target board.


Tech support:

  1. If you have any questions with the USBDM please feel free to call us at (630) 894-1440 or post a message at: