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There are many good applications that the Dragon12-Plus can make with a little or no external circuits.  The above alarm system with a real time surveillance camera recorder is one of them.  The system will monitor a vibration switch, a magnetic switch and a wireless motion detector.  When one of sensors is triggered the horn will emit a loud sound and the VGA camera will start to record and store images in the SD memory with time stamp.  The images can then be displayed on the PC screen as JPEG files.

A similar alarm system, WitnessCAM, based on an Atmega32 controller and designed by Alberto Ricci Bitti, won the grand prize of the AVR design contest 2006 held by Circuit Cellar.  If an Atmega32 controller can do such a nice job, the Freescale's HCS12 controller will be able to do the same thing and even better.

The SD memory interface opens up many new applications.  An experienced user can make the exact same WitnessCAM with our new Dragon12 plus board without adding any hardware circuits. It will be exciting to record all video images in SD memory and then display them on a PC screen.