The Dragon12-Plus board may come with the MC9S12DP256CCPV or the MC9S12DG256CVPE installed. The MC9S12DG256 is the replacement for the MC9S12DP256 since the latter has been discontinued by Freescale.  The only differences between DG256 and DP256 are the number of CAN ports and the BDLC communication.  The DG256 has 2 CAN ports and no BDLC, but the DP256 has 5 CAN ports and has BDLC. Other than the different number of CAN port and BDLC these two microcontrollers have the same features.  If you don't use more than 2 CAN ports and don't use the BDLC, these two chips are identical and all datasheets and manuals for the DP256 can be used for the DG256. 

The MC9S12DG256 microcontroller consists of a powerful 16-bit CPU (central processing unit), 256K bytes of flash memory, 12K bytes of RAM, 4K bytes of EEPROM and many on-chip peripherals. 

The main features of the MC9S12DG256 are listed below:


MC9S12DG256 Memory map



MC9S12DG256 MCU block diagram



MC9S12DG256 MCU pin assignments