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CodeWarrior is a very powerful and professional IDE. The main feature of CodeWarrior IDE is the source level debugger in assembler and C.  CodeWarrior Special Edition is a wonderful gift from Freescale to all of us and it's free for educational use. 

There are many companies making MCU chips these days and for the most part they all have about the same features at a similar price.  Special Edition CodeWarrior sets Freescale apart from others. There is no any MCU chip maker offers you a such first class C source level debugger free of charge.

CodeWarrior IDE does not work with D-Bug12, but it works with serial monitor.  Before Freescale created the serial monitor a BDM is needed as an interface between the PC and the HCS12.  Freescale created the serial monitor for working with CodeWarrior to eliminate the cost of a BDM. 

Now a student can use the serial monitor with CodeWarrior to debug his programs and in fact, most universities have been using the serial monitor with CodeWarrior without a BDM in their classrooms.

Some universities use D-Bug12 monitor first, then later replace the D-Bug12 monitor with serial monitor to be used with CodeWarrior IDE.  To replace bootloader and D-Bug12 monitor with serial monitor, you need a BDM or a BDM POD to perform the task. The procedure to program the on-chip flash memory is provided at: http://www.evbplus.com/TinyBDM_9s12/TinyBDM_9s12.html


Codewarrior tutorial videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkPiurLHKyo&feature=related   How to use Codewarrior for the first time.

For simulation only, you can select full chip simulation for the connection.  For simulation, you don't even need any hardware.

If you are going to use CodeWarrior debugger, then your trainer board has to be installed with serial monitor and make sure that you select the correct MCU and serial monitor for the connection.

If you use USBDM then select TBDML for the connection. In this case your trainer board does not need to be installed with any firmware.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHMxjU9FBTQ  How To Load Values Into Accumulators and Registers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujJ0DGOW9ak Codewarrior LAB 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMwGCW0cw8M&feature=related  Codewarrior LAB 2


Codewarrior sample programs:


The first book written exclusively for learning CodeWarrior


Dr. Richard Haskell and Dr. Darrin Hanna have completed a new book for learning to program in assembly and C using CodeWarrior.  The book includes sample programs tested on our Dragon12-Plus-USB board. The CodeWarrior itself can be daunting, but their book will make it easy for you to learn what you need to get your project up and running quickly.
You can find a description of the book at this website:  http://www.lbebooks.com/index.htm

The CodeWarrior stationery file for the Dragon12-Plus-USB can be used with the new books "Learning by example using C - Programming the Dragon12-Plus-USB using CodeWarrior". The book is written by professors Richard Haskell and Darrin Hanna at Oakland University.

The most resourceful “CodeWarrior for the Dragon12 trainer” web site:

The mechanical engineering of University of Adelaide in Australia is awesome.  Here you can see what their students have achieved in so many great projects:

Following is the web site for downloading the free CodeWarrior:

pecial edition version 5.1 for HCS12(X) ( Classic, Windows hosted )
Special edition version 6.3 for
RS08/HC(S)08  and CF V1 ( Classic, Windows hosted )

The size of either file is quite large. It will take a few hours to download, so you should first save it on your hard drive in case you need to install it in another PC.

Following is the web site for downloading the CodeWarrior full edition for a 30-day free evaluation: