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HANtune, a Java program developed by HAN university of The Netherlands runs on a Windows PC and communicates with the HCS12 microcontroller through a CAN bus based on the automotive standard XCP protocol. HANtune currently supports the PCAN-USB interface from Peak System (www.peak-system.com). HANtune works with real-time code that is generated from MATLAB/Simulink by the ErtHA blockset of Feaser (http://www.feaser.com/en/ertha.php) or other Simulink embedded targets from HAN Automotive.

ASAP2 database
Upon code generation in Simulink, an ASAP2 file is automatically created with references to signals from the Simulink model. When loading the ASAP2 file into HANtune, a treeview of all parameters and signals from the Simulink model will be provided to the user. These can be viewed, edited and logged to CSV files in real-time when the microcontroller is running.
HANtune layouts
In order to maximize flexibility, the user can assign different types of visual components for viewing and editing all parameters and signals. HANtune allows the user to create different visual layouts by placing these components freely in a tabbed Windows environment. The created layouts can be saved and imported. 
Changing parameters in order to optimise the performance of the executed dwoftware algorithm in the microcontroller is called calibration of the system. A specific set of parameter values is referred to as a 'calibration' of the software. These calibrations can be saved by HANtune for later usage. HANtune can load a previous calibration and send it to the microcontroller. Also, HANtune can export the calibration into a .mat file that can be read back into the Simulink model, to make use of the optimal values of the parameters in the Simulink environment.
Project handling
ASAP2 files, layouts and calibrations are all handled within project files. The user can create project files and assign these 3 elements freely to project files. The project file format is XML.
The following link gives an impression of the functionality of HANtune:
Note: the XCP protocol and the ASAP2 file format are standardized by the ASAM group (http://www.asam.net/)
For more information on HANtune, you can contact Jan Benders of HAN University of Applied Sciences: jan.benders @ han.nl